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New success by Daneliya Tuleshova
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Dimash Kudaibergenov took the second place at the singing competition in China.
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Restoration of Aral Sea
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Сабина Алтынбекова
Казахстанская спортсменка Сабина Алтынбекова стала звездой среди китайских болельщиков и пользователей Интернета. Волейболистка входит в состав сборной Казахстана среди девушек до 19 лет.
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Kazakhstan celebrates Eid Al-Adha - Kazakh TV
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Андрей Аршавин о любви к футболу, жизни в Казахстане
00:35 - База футбольного клуба #Кайрат 04:58 - #АндрейАршавин о любви к футболу, жизни в Казахстане и поездке на чемпионат мира 16:43 - Как развивается скалолазание в Казахстане?
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Opening of railway corridor ‘Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran’
The first train launched from Kazakhstan to Iran via a new route through Turkmenistan. Launching of the railroad has already been called as a new milestone in the relations of the three countries. The long-awaited highway was opened solemnly by the state leaders. Nursultan Nazarbayev, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Hassan Rouhani became the first passengers who happened to pass by the new branch. The new road is the shortest land route that will connect our country with multi-million market in the Middle East. Businessmen are already waiting to send their products through this line. The project, without exaggeration, is profitable and promising.
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Kazakhstani mathematician solves the hardest math problem
Scientist from Astana city solved the sixth mathematical "millennium problem" -- "Navier-Stokes equations". His solution allows predicting a tornado and even a tsunami. Achievements in science made by Mukhtarbay Otelbayev were repeatedly marked at the republican level, but the academician was never close to global recognition as he is now. Work of the mathematician is published, and world experts had already begun its study.
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"Travel Guide" - Almaty
http://bit.ly/13u32w0 Kazakhstan -- it's a fascinating nature and history, interesting people and surprising traditions. To go round all of 2 724 900 sq.km of Kazakhstan's territory and to investigate this country is necessary to spend here months and even years. Film-making team of the program "Travel Guide. Discover Kazakhstan" will tell us all the most interesting about the country.
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Aral Sea restoration
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Uighur lagman
The young mother and housewife Dilaram Sadykova will share the recipe of the most famous dishes in Uighur cuisine - lagman. Recipe: Meat – 400-500 g Onions – 2 Napa cabbage (medium sized) – 1 Semi-bitter pepper – 2 Hot pepper – 1 Common beans of garlic stalk – 3-4 Garlic – 3 cloves Tomato paste – 1 table spoon Vegetable oil – 300-400 ml Black pepper, red pepper, salt to taste.
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"Discovering Kazakhstan" #1 (17.04.2016)-Kazakh TV-eng
Today in our program: You can come to Kazakhstan without running into the red aport apple. Usual it calls crispy. I've seen the same apple in the hands of U.S. secretary John Kerry.
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"Travel Guide" - Astana city
http://bit.ly/13u32w0 Kazakhstan -- it's a fascinating nature and history, interesting people and surprising traditions. To go round all of 2 724 900 sq.km of Kazakhstan's territory and to investigate this country is necessary to spend here months and even years. Film-making team of the program "Travel Guide. Discover Kazakhstan" will tell us all the most interesting about the country.
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Наши №6. Наши в Грузии
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"Discovering Kazakhstan" #11 (23.08.16) - Kazakh TV - eng
This is a special edition of the program where our host Dennis Keen will marry according to Kazakh national traditions. The official Youtube channel of Kazakh TV. Live broadcast: http://kazakh-tv.kz/en/category/live_now Follow the news on our site: http://kazakh-tv.kz/ Subscribe to our official accounts in social network: https://twitter.com/Kazakh_TV | www.facebook.com/KazakhTV | http://vk.com/kazakhtv|
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Germany calls in skilled workers from abroad
As a reaction to not having enough domestic skilled workers, the German government has launched a campaign called "Make it in Germany". Germany, one of the most industrialized countries in the world, is in desperate need of highly-qualified workers. Together with the country's labor agency "Bundesagentur für Arbeit" they are systematically trying to balance out the current situation in the country, which came about through the effects of demographic change.
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Чем похожи жители одного из районов Азербайджана на казахов?
По следам предков №8. Чем похожи жители одного из районов Азербайджана на казахов?
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New national history museum opens in Astana
New National History Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan opened in Astana on the eve of its 16th birthday. The new masterpiece of modern architecture was opened personally by the President. This impressive building is located near the Palace of Independence. There is no doubt that new facility will become cultural hallmark of Astana.
Просмотров: 2003 Kazakh TV
"Discovering Kazakhstan" - Ancient Taraz city
Step into the fascinating world of Kazakhstan as seen through the eyes of a curious foreigner in Jonathan Newell's original travel programme, "Discovering Kazakhstan". Our intrepid adventurer discovers the dramatic countryside, the friendly people and rich culture of modern Kazakhstan. He constructs a yurt, herds sheep and even tries his hand as a market trader. Watch "Discovering Kazakhstan" and discover real life in the heart of Central Asia.
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Abu Dhabi plaza - ambitious Kazakh-Arab project
Year 2014 broke all records in the construction of skyscrapers around the world. According to a research of American experts, in total 97 buildings of about 200 meters were constructed. China, the Philippines and, traditionally, the United Arab Emirates entered the top three countries, while the building ambitions of the United Arab Emirates have no limits. For many years, local real estate developers are competing with each other for the construction of the tallest building on the planet. Now, this trend has spread to Kazakhstan. The Abu Dhabi Plaza is an ambitious Kazakh-Arab project. Construction of a multifunctional skyscraper will be completed at the end of 2016. As planned by the architects the Abu Dhabi Plaza will be the largest building in Central Asia with a height of more than 382 meters.
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"Discovering Kazakhstan" #10 (23.08.16) - Kazakh TV - eng
In today's program our host will be discovering Shymkent city. The official Youtube channel of Kazakh TV. Live broadcast: http://kazakh-tv.kz/en/category/live_now Follow the news on our site: http://kazakh-tv.kz/ Subscribe to our official accounts in social network: https://twitter.com/Kazakh_TV | www.facebook.com/KazakhTV | http://vk.com/kazakhtv|
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Interview with Aubrey De Grey. How humans can live longer?
Aubrey De Grey is a renowned gerontologist. Watch our interview to know how humans can live longer and how that will affect societies.
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Manufacturing process of polymer pipes.
Today our cameras are focused on a manufacturing process of polymer pipes. They are very durable and have unbelievable properties.
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ІІІ Дүниежүзілік көшпенділер ойындарының ашылу салтанаты. Толық нұсқа
Ыстықкөл жағасында ІІІ #Дүниежүзіліккөшпенділеройындары ресми түрде ашылды. Биыл күллі әлем көз тіккен шараға 80-нен аса мемлекеттен 2 мыңнан астам спортшы қатысады. Осымен үшінші рет ұйымдастырылып жатқан дода – қырғыз жерінде қолға алынған ең ауқымды спорттық шаралардың бірі. Мәселен, алғаш рет бұл игі шараға 600-ге жуық адам қатысса, осыдан 2 жыл бұрын сайыскерлердің саны мыңнан асқан. Ал биыл олардың саны 2 мыңнан асып отыр. Дүбірлі доданың ашылу салтанаты тарихи қойылыммен ерекшеленді. Ойындардың басым бөлігі Кырчын шатқалында өтеді. Друзья, предлагаем вашему вниманию полную версию церемонии открытия ІІІ Всемирных игр кочевников. #Всемирныеигрыкочевников – это масштабный международный проект Кыргызстана, инициированный правительством в 2012 году для возрождения и сохранения культуры кочевой цивилизации. По словам организаторов, участие в третьей этноолимпиаде подтвердили более 2000 спортсменов из 80 стран. The #WorldNomadGames are the biggest international project held in the Kyrgyz Republic, a project initiated by the government in 2012 for the revival and preservation of the culture of nomadic civilization. First ever Nomad Games were held in 2014, with sports teams from 19 countries participating in them. But in 2016, the number increased to 60 participating countries. This year 80 countries have gathered in the city of Cholpon-Ata for this long-awaited event! Presidents of 4 countries: Kazakhstan, Turkey, Tatarstan, and Kyrgyzstan have attended the opening ceremony of the World Nomad Games.
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Pakistan offers Kazakhstan access to Persian Gulf
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How military uniforms are made?
Today our cameras are focused on the production process of military uniforms.
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"My day in Kazakhstan" #4 (12.12.15)-Kazakh TV-eng
Today in our program: The hero of our today's program the teacher from South Korea Ryu Ja Mi. Year ago Ryu moved to Astana from Guandjou to teach korean to kazakh children.
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«Моя Астана» фильм Каната Бейсекеева
Астана – это, прежде всего, люди. Не высотные здания, не музеи, а люди, которые наполняют город смыслом и делают его живым. В своем новом документальном фильме Канат Бейсекеев снял истории о мечте, вдохновении, надежде и разочаровании, героизме и поиске любви. Истории людей, которые объединены одним городом – Астаной.
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Kazakh cuisine - Kuurdak
Today we have a guest Timur Sultanov. We are united, we will cook Kazakh cuisine dishes. Kuurdak Mutton - 200g Beef - 200g Liver - 100g Lungs - 100g Onions - 2-3 pcs Potatoes - 3-5pcs Salt, pepper, herbs to taste
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Book production process
Books are considered to be a cultural heritage of humanity. However it is also something that is made of paper with text print. We decided to find out about all the technological intricacies of the book production process.
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Customs and traditions of Kazakh people
Customs and traditions of Kazakh people is an example of the behavior, the standard of courtesy and respect. Kazakh people is rich with spiritual values.
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"Discovering Kazakhstan" - Nazarbayev University
Discovering Kazakhstan explores the Nazarbayev University in Astana to find out about its research facilities and ambitious plans for the future.
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American linguist revealed the features of the Kazakh language with the help of an ultrasound.
American linguist Jonathan Washington revealed the features of the Kazakh language with the help of an ultrasound. A young assistant professor of linguistics at Swarthmore University paid his first visit to Kazakhstan in 2004. Later he graduated from Brandy University, where he studied linguistics, anthropology and computer science. It was then that he showed interest in Turkology, and devoted his thesis to the peculiarities of the Kazakh language. It was hard to explain this fascination, at first. Jonathan Washington was born in Vermont and grew up in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Louisiana. He started studying Turkology more deeply during his Master’s program at the University of Washington in Seattle. The main theme of his research was devoted to the phonological phenomenon and sonority in the Turkic languages. After receiving Master's degree in the Euro-Asian studies, he wrote his doctoral thesis on the features of pronunciation of vowels in the Kazakh language using ultrasonic technology. JONATHAN WASHINGTON, AMERICAN LINGUIST: - A position of a tongue can be viewed on ultrasound. I add the gel and watch my tongue. I see how the vowel is formed with help of this technology. You see, this is the front and back of the tongue. When I pronounce the letter "O", a movement occurs from the front, and when I pronounce the letter "Y", this apparatus shows the simultaneous rotation of all parts. In other languages, the rear end remains in the same position. Jonathan also commented on the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script. He says experts should pay special attention to the world’s experience of spelling reforms. According to him, the keyboard design, fonts, and coding easily adapt to new languages. The main thing is that the new spelling system should be easy to use. JONATHAN WASHINGTON, AMERICAN LINGUIST: - Hello, Kazakhstan! I wish you a bright future. I'm very interested in learning Kazakh. This brings us closer to Kazakhstan.
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Nursultan Nazarbayev recognized as global leader of Islamic Finance
Nursultan Nazarbayev has become the Global Leader of Islamic Finance for his great achievements in the development and promotion of Islamic financial tools at the regional and international level. The President was awarded this title on Tuesday in Dubai, where he had arrived on a working visit to attend the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum. The award was presented to the President by the founder of the award together with the Vice President, and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.
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Factory of disinfectant and antiseptic products
It is impossible to imagine work at any medical institution without products made at this particular plant whether it is a dental office or large hospital.
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Process of making footwear for the army
Exclusively natural materials used to the making the most popular type of military footwear. Boots with the high bootleg.
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Sabina Altynbekova
Sabina was called the most beautiful member of the team before the end of the championship in Taipei. Kazakhstan’s volleyball team was recognized as the most beautiful in Asia not for the first time.
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За что «репрессировали» кобыз?
Долгое время кобыз был «неугодным» инструментом. Так считали власти, уж больно мистический смысл нес и напоминал народу о его языческих верованиях. Но начиная с 30-х годов прошлого века, пошла новая волна и музыканты пытались приспособить какие-то народные инструменты для игры в оркестре. У кобыза заменили конский волос на железные струны, и исчез особый шаманский звук. Сценическая версия этого инструмента зачастую больше напоминала скрипку, которую держали не типичным образом. Но исследователи и музыканты-этнографы со временем вернули настоящий облик инструмента. Вот как его описывал Евгений Брусиловский: «Внутри кобыза, на задней стенке, они прикрепляли зеркальце, а головку украшали пучком совиных перьев. В темноте юрты зеркальце отсвечивало от огня тагана красноватым цветом, кобыз пел свою древнюю, подвывающую песню, баксы истошным голосом кричал свои заклинания: "Нак! Нак!", и перья совы от его крика начинали шевелиться и трепетать. Такое действо подавляло психику простого, наивного степняка и диктовало ему волю высших сил, которой он должен был слепо подчиняться. В руках же простых музыкантов кобыз пел грустную песню казахского народа, кочующего по огромной степи в поисках Страны счастья — Жер уюк. Вообще, кобыз по характеру его звучания был как бы пессимистическим инструментом». Шаманским инструмент считался за необыкновенную способность передавать звуки животных: вой волка, клекот орла, лебединую перекличку. Играя на таком инструменте, не форсили, удаль свою не показывали, с его помощью излечивали.
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Production of infusion solutions
Sometimes it is necessary to undergo prophylactic treatments. These procedures support body health and you even feel more energized.
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Production of artificial stone
A plant which produces artificial stone from quartz has been put into operation as part of the State Programme of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development. Artificial stone is produced here according the latest Italian technology standards.
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